Points of Interest
Ferdinand - 8 miles from Cottonwood and is known for the wooden railroad trestles between Ferdinand and Craigmont.

Lawyers Canyon - Is located between Craigmont and Ferdinand and is a great fishing hole and camping area. Lawyers Canyon was named after the NezPerce Indian Chief Lawyer who was so named for his argumentative disposition and general shrewdness.

Railroad Trestle - Third tallest steel trestle in the United States, located in Lawyers Canyon.

Greencreek - 8 miles from Cottonwood and is known for the General store which has a mural surrounding the bar painted by exhibitionist speed painter, Mr. Joe Breckinridge, during Chicago Worlds Fair 1933-34.

Cottonwood Ski Course - Located on the Cottonwood Butte.

North Idaho Correctional Institution - Is located on the Cottonwood Butte, and is a minimum-security facility.

Monastery of St. Gertrude - Home to about 65 Sisters, has retreats, museum and a beautiful church.

The Historical Museum at St. Gertrude  - Is a museum that started in 1931 under the inspiration of Sister M. Alfreda Elsensohn and contains artifacts and exhibits.

Keuterville Catholic Church - Is located in the middle of Keuterville 6 miles from Cottonwood and is the oldest church in this area.

Graves Creek - Drains into the Salmon River, so named because it is near the grave of an early miner, it is a good starting point for rafters to float down the river.

Cottonwood Farm Museum - Operated and maintained by Cottonwood Lions Club  - located at the Idaho County fairgrounds, a few of the more interesting items in the museum is the McCormick reaper, threshing machine, monitor drill and gate seeder.

Cottonwood Centennial Garden - Located on main street and was built to represent the life of Cottonwood.

Prairie Ag Center - Is located 1 mile south of Cottonwood, where 30,000 head of livestock are sold per year.

Weis Rock Shelter - SW of Cottonwood, used by the ancient Indians who lived in this area around 5,500 B.C.

Pine Bar Recreation Site - A great fishing and picnic area.

Ferdinand Park - A great place to have a family picnic and a place to go fishing.

Camas Prairie Farming Area - Good black fertile ground and rolling hills.

Winona Big Butte School House - 10 miles from Cottonwood, great place for family picnics and a place to go hiking.

Cottonwood Butte Recreation Area - A great place for family picnics and only 9 miles from Cottonwood.

Uptmor's Farm Equipment - A variety of antique machinery.

Winchester State Park and Lake - Ice fishing, camping, and cross country skiing.

Soldiers Meadow - Camping and fishing.

Sturgeon Fishing - An entertaining recreational sport on the Salmon and Snake rivers.

Cottonwood Riding Club - A fun and entertaining sport